_MG_8349Leadership is a particular skill few seem to master. In fact, research suggest that the vast majority of leaders never attain their potential; they “level off” somewhere between “getting by” and “good enough.” Some researchers suggest that this occurs because at some point, they simply stop learning.

Entire fields of study exist about the ways that learning occurs at the leadership level: with the aid of language, by implication, by association, intertwined with emotion, online or in a classroom, by accident or with purpose. Research by Global Learning Partners indicates that all adults generally learn best when they feel respected and when their learning relates to life experiences and has immediate usefulness. Additional research points to the link between self-awareness and individual mastery of core skills linked to business performance.

Our approach reflects these trends. We believe that every individual is a leader on some level, and that the first skill we need to master before we can lead anyone else is to be self-aware enough to lead ourselves. With this in mind, we build skills by starting with inside-out knowledge. We avoid the cookie-cutter one-size for all, off-the-shelf approaches in favor of tailored solutions that are inextricably linked to our clients’ overall objectives and strategies. We look at the challenge of improving the effectiveness of your talent not as a vitamin that will help keep you healthy, but as an antibiotic that you absolutely need to have working for you for your long-term survival.

We won’t ask you to build things with blocks or suffer through a lifetime supply of charts and text-intensive PowerPoint. Our approach is hands-on, interactive and connected to the challenges you really face. To ensure the client owns the ultimate solution, we use a “Discovery Development” approach that allows the client to test initial concepts and solutions gradually with minimal financial and organizational risk prior to making significant investment in any approach or service.