We work with leaders to identify the talent within their organization at all levels and match future strategic needs of the business with their development. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the team contributes to the company’s growth rather than limits it. Tools and methods that help to align employee development and training programs to the organizational and HR metrics are key to our approach.

We help leaders to understand the importance of managing talent based on using objective methods based on the overall business strategy rather than on making talent decisions based on gut instinct, favoritism, or hiring in one’s own image. To understand the “as is” state of the business as it relates to succession and workforce planning, we use a variety of assessment and interview tools and techniques. We then work with leadership to establish a people management vision and talent roadmap and create a plan to move from where they are today to where they ultimately want to be, one achievable step at a time.

We help organizations build measures and rewards that facilitate real change in behaviors and impact results. This includes methods to:

  • Establish individual and team goals
  • Develop and rationalize training plans and programs at the organizational, team and individual level, linking them to the strategy
  • Develop feedback processes for performance management
  • Identify critical success factors and performance attributes
  • Manage substantive institutional or unit change and requisite training and communication
  • Tie individual results to organizational goals
  • Provide tangible rewards
  • Plan for succession