We help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their aspirations through coaching. Our methods foster an understanding of personal motivations and barriers to growth and achievement. Our goal is enable greater self-awareness and personal accountability for growth and development through a process that helps people move individually or collectively from vision to reality using a “road-mapping” process that helps you systematically chart your course and attain your goals. Coaching interventions include:


  • HIPOD leadership assessments and coaching. HIPOD is built around the notion that every person on your team has the capacity to achieve to the highest level of his or her potential. Central to all of the HIPOD tools and processes is the i-Lead Signature & Coaching Approach , which provides data about cognitive patterns and behaviors to help individuals and organizations understand more about themselves, their abilities, and their collective potential. i-Lead identifies an individual’s ability to learn and to transform knowledge into action and helps each individual understand how to maximize their potential to attain their goals.
  • One-to-one coaching to that helps individuals or teams attain goals, particularly during periods of uncertainty and growth.
  • Individual or team career coaching, focusing both on individuals in job transition, either due to promotion or displacement, and those considering new careers or new businesses.
  • Leadership team coaching focused on improving collective accountability and teamwork; leadership team coaching initiatives may also be aimed at refocusing efforts, establishing vision, expanding strategy, and easing transitions during periods of rapid change.
  • Team coaching to enhance group performance or facilitate the interaction of multi-cultural teams.


Our methods combine our European i-Lead Master in business and team-related coaching with life and career coaching methods from coach training at the NYU School of Professional Studies in the US. Contact us for a free initial consultation.